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Diana's gym sweater, sells for R747k at auction


Princess Diana’s beloved unwashed workout sweatshirt, which she wore three times a week, once owned by a South African trainer, has sold for $53 532 (R747 237) at auction.
The dark blue cotton pullover was a gift from billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and was expected to receive at least $5 000 (about R71 013) during the online auction on 10 July. The garment, which features the Virgin logo along with the words "Fly Atlantic" was sold by Princess Di’s personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, through a Boston-based PR Auction.
Princess Diana's unwashed gym sweater sells for $50,000 at auction, the sweater once owned by British royal Princess Diana just sold for $53,532 dollars at auction. Jenni, a South African expat living in the UK, worked with the princess between 1990 and 1997. She said Diana always wore the same sweatshirt when they met to work out. Princess Di gave the blue sweatshirt to Jenni as a gift before her death in 1997. The proceeds will all go to a family from Malawi to help a little girl go to school.


15 Jul 2019 / Greg Hochstadter

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Diana's gym sweater, sells for R747k at auction,

15 Jul 2019 / Greg Hochstadter

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