Why Auction


Auction Services

Ian Wyles Auctioneers offers turnkey auction services throughout South Africa and neighbouring Countries.

A change in business strategy, retirement, corporate downsizing or bankruptcy may create the need for an auction. Business assets auctioned in their original locations will always yield the highest return for the merchandise. By combining on-site and on-line auction services, the skilled auction and marketing specialists at Ian Wyles Auctioneers will provide you with the best and most profitable solution to yield the highest return for your Real Estate, Commercial & Industrial Assets or Business/Specialised Assets.

A successful auction is one that maximises our clients' net profit and minimises risk and holding costs. Time constraints, cost of rent and taxes, risk or storage or shipping damage all combine to determine what the best auction solution will be. Our ability to combine a live, on-site auction ensures that we can provide the best strategy for our clients.

The Auction Advantage

  • Maximises Competition
  • Lowers Transaction Costs
  • Creates Sense of Urgency
  • Assets Sold "As Is"
  • Targeted Advertising Brings Key Buyers Together
Online Auctions and Appraisals

Personal Property Appraisal

Under the guidelines of the Appraisals Qualification, Ian Wyles Auctioneers has performed personal property appraisals for a wide variety of equipment and assets. The on-going participation in the sale of commercial and estate assets enables Ian Wyles Auctioneers to maintain a broad knowledge base of current asset values. Through this data and numerous additional valuation resources, we are able to produce a thorough and accurate valuation of your assets.

Among the valuations we provide are: Forced Liquidation Value (Auction Value), Fair Market Value, In-Place Value, Orderly Liquidation Value and Desktop Opinion of Value.
WE also provide excellent witness testimony.

Our standards of excellence, combined with our many years of valuation experience, provide our clients with the necessary information to make informed business decisions. We adhere to strict standards of confidentiality in all aspects of the process, and meeting time-sensitive deadlines is our specialty.

Our appraisal customers include lending institutions, accountants, attorneys, insolvency trustees and business owners.


Real Estate Auctions

The auction is a time-proven highly effective method of selling real estate that offers many advantages over the traditional method of selling property. With extensive marketing and a predetermined auction sale date, the greatest advantage of the real estate auction process is that it puts the seller in control of when and how the property will be sold.

Auction Method of sale vs Traditional Method of sale

Seller Benefits

Seller Success
A sale by auction achieves the seller's goal of selling the property - and frees the seller from dealing with buyers who are not serious about purchasing the property

Prepared to buy
Pre-qualified buyers come prepared to buy on the seller's timetable, increased market exposure resulting from an aggressive marketing campaign, can generate a larger pool of potential buyers

Quick Disposal of Property
Quick disposal of property by auction reduces the seller's carrying costs benefiting the seller and the buyer as well as through a reduced purchase price.

True Market Value
A properly marketed auction, property generates competition between buyers and it should sell at this true market value. The sales price may even exceed what would have been received in a negotiated sale.

No Stressful Negotiation
Auction sales eliminate the often stressful negotiation process between buyer and seller.

Properties are typically sold without contingencies and if contingencies are allowed, they are offered to all bidders.
Furthermore, in an auction sale, the seller dictates what the contingencies are, not the buyer.

Buyer Benefits

Competitive Bidding
All buyers compete fairly and openly on the same terms, usually resulting in a purchase at true market value.

Buyers are Prepared
Buyers generally have much more information about the property. Buyers know with certainty how long it will take to close on the property.


Business Liquidation & Specialty Auction

Business and specialised assets require a highly defined buying audience. The more defined the audience, the more effective one-to-one marketing techniques become. Our marketing strategy for business and specialty auctions is to thoroughly research the market, determine the key buyers, and execute a targeted advertising plan to attract the best buyers to your auction.

Providing the right atmosphere and the best of live auction services for the selling of unique merchandise is a specialty of Ian Wyles Auctioneers. We understand the value of unique assets and it is out goal to bring the highest value possible for our clients.

Ian Wyles Auctioneers has over 20 years of experience in the liquidation of all types of industrial and business liquidation assets, such as:

  • Auto Part Stores
  • Moving & Storage
  • Hardware Stores
  • Bank Assets
  • Saw Mills
  • Rental Stores
  • Restaurant and Bars
  • Jewellery Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Court Ordered Sales
  • Hotels
  • Furniture Stores
  • Store Fixtures & Shelving
  • Sporting Good Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • State Agency Surplus
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Trucks

Industrial Auctions Overview

From capital equipment and retail stores to manufacturing facilities and large rolling stock, Ian Wyles Auctioneers has helped their clients receive the highest realisation value for their assets.

Whether your needs involve the disposition of surplus equipment a complete liquidation, or if you are working under a deadline to vacate a facility, Ian Wyles Auctioneers, has the experience to solve the challenges and issues you face.